Podcast: Maja Kuzmanovic at Luminous Green

Article PhotoIn this episode, the second of six from Luminous Green, Jennifer sits down with Maja Kuzmanovic, “a generalist interested in inciting small miracles in everyday life.” Throughout the 1990s Maja collaborated with scientific institutes, as well as roamed the field as an independent artist/researcher. She worked in MR, VR and online, infusing digital technologies with physical movement, narrative alchemy and audiovisual poetry. For her works, Maja was elected one of the Top 100 Young Innovators by MIT’s Technology Review in 1999. She founded FoAM in 2000 and has since functioned as FoAM’s PI, eco+media artist and head chef. Her leadership skills have been recognized by the World Economic Forum, awarding Maja with the title “Young Global Leader” in 2006. She received her BA in Design Forecasting (HKU) and MA in Interactive Multimedia (HKU/University of Portsmouth).

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