Century Aluminum’s Subsidiary Nordural Receives Positive Opinion On Environmental Impact Assessment For Its Proposed Greenfield Smelter – Quick Facts

Century Aluminum’s subsidiary Nordural receives positive opinion on Environmental Impact Assessment for its proposed greenfield smelter – quick facts

Friday, Nordural, a wholly owned subsidiary of Century Aluminum Co. (CENX | charts | news | PowerRating), received a positive opinion from the Icelandic Planning Agency on the Environmental Impact Assessment for its proposed greenfield smelter to be installed near Helguvik, Iceland.

According to the company, the Planning Agency has determined that the construction of the aluminum smelter would not have a significantly negative impact on the environment or communities surrounding the proposed site. Additionally, the Planning Agency has suggested that the municipalities obtain CO2 quotas and the environmental status of related power plant and transmission lines before issuing construction licenses.

The company said that it is addressing these suggestions with the municipalities and appropriate authorities and does not believe that this process will impact the timing of the project.

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