Sending Out an S.O.S.

Yesterday, thick among the gleeful, chanting, throngs of Live Earth, I had to make a decision; fight my way in and out of the crowds to my computer or listen to Ludacris. In the end, I let the music win.

Live Earth was literally captivating. What can I say? I do have some highlights for you now, though.

joviI’m not going to tell you some story about how I got backstage and ate crumpets with Sting. I didn’t do anything like that. I had good seats and got to spend time in the MSN hospitality tent, which was a real treat (thanks Adee and George!). The moments that stick with me are likely the same things that would make anyone at Live Earth last night smile today.

I’m talking about the pure joy of being in a packed stadium in Jersey for a Bon Jovi set. It’s what I expect the Pope’s appearances in Rome to be like. Watching tens of thousands of ecstatic people sing along with the “Living on a Prayer” and seeing the effect that had on band; that is a beautiful thing, my friend.

pigI remember how amazing it was when Alicia Keyes came out sing “Gimme Shelter” with Keith Urban, or how when Roger Waters brought out a giant inflatable pig emblazoned with “Save Our Sausage,” I couldn’t stop whooping and hollering.

The thing that I think will stick with me longest, however, is how I felt when Melissa Etheridge sang and spoke. If you missed it, you should definitely check it out now on the MSN stream. Hearing her eloquently challenge us to rescue the American dream, I realized that the writing I have done on this blog in support of Live Earth may well be the most satisfying job I ever get to do. Being part of Live Earth has moved me and changed my life.

I get even more pleasure from knowing that my job has primarily been to encourage you to do just what I’m doing. I want to you care, to combat climate change on a personal level, to sign the Live Earth Pledge, and to help to spread the word over the years to come.

For the next several weeks, you can watch all the various Live Earth shows from all seven continents stream on MSN. Keep checking back at for continuing news on the shows and on the future efforts of the Alliance for Climate Protection. There will be more and we will need  your help and support.

I want to thank all of the people who helped me tackle my small chunk of this massive global effort, especially Marty and Adam. I had all the support I needed from Windows Live Spaces, MSN, and Live Earth and I appreciate it. I also want to thank the other fantastic bloggers I’ve traded information and ideas with over the past few months.

Thanks, most of all, to you, the reader and viewer and activist. I hope I continue to see you on your feet, fist in the air, standing up for the planet. We sent out the S.O.S. pretty dramatically last night. Now we need to put our plans into action! source