Tell your representative to vote NO on Arctic drilling

The action now shifts to the House of Representatives, where a vote on its version of the budget reconciliation bill could occur as early as tomorrow. The current text of the bill would open the Arctic Refuge, as well as coastal areas, to drilling and sell off public lands to the highest bidder. If enough representatives threaten to vote against the bill if it contains these harmful provisions, however, House leaders may be forced to remove them, or to abandon
the bill altogether.

== What to do ==
Send a message *right now* urging your representative to vote No for the budget reconciliation if Arctic or coastal drilling is included.

== Contact information ==
You can send a message to your representative directly from NRDC’s Earth Action Center at [url=][/url]

Phone calls are also very important right now, so if you have a moment to call your representative, the Capitol switchboard number is 202-224-3121.