A living workshop in ecobuilding and practical ecology

Association Passerelle Eco is located in the Morvan Forest of Burgandy.

Our base of operatons is an old farmhouse, which serves as both office, workshop and living quarters. In all, the site contains a documentation center, an office for our quarterly review, permanent housing for the host family, a workshop, a garden and guest space.

Simplicity and sustainability define our lifestyle here at the eco-workshop. We think about what we truly need and act accordingly. We try, as best we can, to consume local , natural foods, products and materials.

– Our farmhouse is being renovated with « living » materials (straw, bale, cob, hemp, etc.)
– Four solar panels with a total of 0.2 kwh provide 80% of our electrical needs
– We have an organic garden where we experiment with permaculture methods
– We study and practice non-violent communication

Thus, our eco-construction workshop is a place for both experimentation and applicaton of the practices described in our quarterly review.
Discover EcoBuilding (Eco-Construction)

To share the adventure, we invite you to come and participate. All those interested in practical ecology, experienced or novice, are welcome.

Passerelle Eco’s summer program is dedicated to our eco-construction workshops. Over the course of the summer, paricipants will become familiar with various natural construction materials and techniques. This training takes place within a convivial atmosphere of sharing and discovery.

Construction techniques include
– insulating walls with hemp, hemp shavings and lime
– insulating floors with wood shavings
– masonry with lime coating
– framing with wood
– fabricating banchage with mud-straw-hemp-lime

The workshops are appopriate for anyone with basic do-it-yourself skills (as well as for those willing and able to give it a try.) Those already familiar with traditional building or eco-construction are welcome and appreciated, as well.

Participants might also visit nearby eco-projects, and lend a hand, if needed. In addition to construction activities at Passerelle Eco, we enjoy sharing our various talents and interests, be they artistic, corporal, etc.

2007 Schedule

– 26 august to 2 septembre

– 9 septembre to 16 septembre

Contact us for the next workshop or for other days

Practical Ecology Workshops

In synergie with the issues discussed in the Passerelle Eco review, themed-workshops explore concrete applictions of ecological « best practices. »
– solar ovens (basic and parabolic) workshops
– natural foods conservation/lactofermentation
– solar power basics
– organic gardening and permaculture
– making your own sling baby-carrier
– cooperative play, for kids and adults
– building a bicycle-powered washing machine
– wellness and holistics

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