Envirothon tests ecology knowledge

The Envirothon program is a competitive event for middle school and high school teams of five members to compete in a natural resources knowledge and ecology field day against other school teams. It stimulates, reinforces and enhances student’s interest in the environment and the state’s natural resources.

Resource subject areas are Soils, Forestry, Wildlife, Aquatics and Current Environmental Issues.

The Envirothon has been in the United States and Canada for more than 30 years. At the national level, it is sponsored by the Cannon Corp. Teams begin the competition at Area 1 level, which consists of the 16 counties in Western North Carolina. The top seven teams from the Area 1 competition advance to the state competition in Burlington.

During the last school year, East Henderson High School was the only school that had teams participate in the Envirothon from Henderson County. The Envirothon is a chance for high school and middle school students in FFA clubs, science classes, ecology and environmental clubs and classes to have fun while learning about the environment.

The N.C. Soil and Water Conservation Districts sponsor teams from their respective counties to go to the Envirothon competitions. Each team member can focus on one area of study, and then work together as a team in the competition. For more information, call Kim McDonald or Cary Pace at the Henderson County Soil and Water Conservation District at 697-4949 or e-mail cary.pace@nc.nacdnet.net.

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